Beware of fake offer of admission in MBBS in Burdwan Medical College, Burdwan. The institution never admits students through submission of letter of admission to the college. Don't get enticed / trapped into the offer of fake advertisement.

Fees Payment

  • You can pay the fees online: (Currently the facility is available for MBBS, MD/MS and DM/MCH only)

    You can make payment of

    1. 'Admission fees' (for the students getting new admission to the Institute)

    2. 'Payment of other fees': for the existing students.


    Steps of paying fees:

    You can pay only from the Indian Bank accounts and credit card or debit card issued by a Bank located in India. (We are in a plan to introduce other modes of payment like UPI, Wallets etc. in near future)

    Register yourself first(one time only) with the required details. enter your valid Indian mobile number to get OTP etc. Once your account is created, log in from the next time (your mobile number will be your id) to make payment.


    *** The payment portal is maintained by HDFC Bank Pvt Ltd and it's subsidiary. By clicking the links below you will be directed to the third party website which has it's own privacy conditions. By clicking the links below, you agree to follow and accept the privacy and security conditions laid by the Burdwan Medical College and by the Third party.

    To pay your fees:

    Click the link below to register:

    To make payment, click the link below (only for the registered payee):