This is notified to all concerned that no money other than requisite fees is claimed from the candidates during admission in UG/PG course at Burdwan Medial College, Purba Bardhaman. It is also notified for information that payment of fees will be made by


Please fill the form. After that coverletter will be create.

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Section B: My guide in this project is / I have no guide in this project.

Name of the guide
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Section C: Study design & subjects:

Study Design
Study Subjects

Section D:

Written informed consent
Will be obtained from all eligible participants
Will not be obtained. Waiver of consent is requested (justify with reason why consent waiver is applied).

Section E: Which of the following suits best your study

Written informed consent
Investigator initiated trial
Academic clinical trial
Sponsored Clinical trial for regulatory purpose

mention the exact nature/ phase of the trial if it is regulatory clinical trial

Observational Clinical research Sponsored
Biomedical research Sponsored
Observational Clinical research Investigator initiated (self funded)
Biomedical research Investigator initiated (self funded)

Section F: Study Site:

Study Site

Section G: I request for a: