This is notified to all concerned that no money other than requisite fees is claimed from the candidates during admission in UG/PG course at Burdwan Medial College, Purba Bardhaman. It is also notified for information that payment of fees will be made by

Rogy Kalyan Samiti

Sl No Member's Name & Desiganation Role
1 Sri Swapan Debnath Hon’ble Minister of State,Animal Resources Development, Govt. of West Bengal & Chairman, Rogi Kalyan Samity, BMCH, Purba Bardhaman.
2 Smt.Shampa Dhara Sabhadhipati, Burdwan Zilla Parishad, Purba Bardhaman. ( Special invitee).
3 Prof. (Dr.) Kaustav Nayek Principal, Burdwan Medical College & Executive Chairperson, R.K.S., BMCH, Purba Bardhaman.
4 District Magistrate Purba Bardhaman & Vice-Chairman, RKS, BMCH.
5 CMOH Purba Bardhaman. ( Special invitee).
6 Sri Khokan Das Hon’ble MLA, Burdwan Sadar, Member-RKS, BMCH, Purba Bardhaman.
7 Sri.Nisith Malik Hon’ble MLA, Bardhaman Uttar, Purba Bardhaman.(Special invitee)
8 Superintendent of Police Purba Bardhaman & Member, RKS, BMCH.
9 Chairman Burdwan Municipality, Purba Bardhaman. ( Special invitee).
10 Chairman BDA Purba Bardhaman. (Special invitee)
11 Dy. Superintendent BMCH, Purba Bardhaman & Joint Secretary, RKS.
12 Superintendent SSWH-Anamoy, Purba Bardhaman.
13 Accounts Officer BMCH, Purba Bardhaman &Joint Secretary, RKS.
14 Executive Engineer PWD(SS), Purba Bardhaman. (Special Invitee).
15 Executive Engineer P.W.D (Electrical), Purba Bardhaman. (Special Invitee).
16 Karmadhyakesha Jana-Swasthya-O-Paribesh Stahyee Samity of Zilla Parishad, Burdwan & Member, RKS,BMCH.
17 Mr.Ujjal Paramanick Mentor, Zilla Parishad, Purba Bardhaman (Special Invitee).
18 Prof.(Dr.) Jonaki Das Sarkar Deptt. of Anatomy, BMC, Purba Bardhaman. Nominated Member by the Principal.
19 Dr. Avik De RMO-CT, Dept. of Radiology, Nominated Member by the Principal.
20 Dr. Subrata Sen Dept. of Psychiatry, BMCH, Purba Bardhaman. Nominated Member by the MSVP.
21 21. Dr. D. Biswas Dept. of Anatomy, BMCH, Purba Bardhaman. Nominated Member by the MSVP.
22 Dr. Prasanta Roy Dept. of G&O, BMCH, Purba Bardhaman, (Special Invitee ).
23 Dr. S. Panja Acting Secretary, BMC & Member, RKS, BMCH.
24 Dr. Santosh Kr. Mondal Rep. of IMA (to be nominated by State Branch), South Bazar, Roalty More, P.O. Andal, Purba Bardhaman & Member, RKS,BMCH.
25 Nursing Superintendent BMCH, Purba Bardhaman & Member, RKS, BMCH
26 Mr.Somnath Chatterjee Deputy Superintendent (nm), BMCH, Purba Bardhaman.
27 IC Burdwan Sadar Police Station, Purba Bardhaman.(special invitee)
28 Mr. Sailen Kr. Pramanik Assistant Superintendent (nm), BMCH, Purba Bardhaman.
29 Asstt. Engineer PWD (SS), Jagat Berh, Sripally, Purba Bardhaman & Member, RKS, BMCH.
30 Asstt. Engineer PWD (Electrical), Aftab Club Compound, Burdwan & Member, RKS, BMCH.
31 Asstt. Engineer PHE, Purta Bhaban, Sadarghat, Purba Bardhaman & Member, RKS, BMCH.
32 Sri.Susanta Pramanik Councilor(ward-29), Purba Bardhaman & Member, RKS, BMCH
33 P.A to the Principal BMC, Purba Bardhaman
34 P.A to the MSVP BMCH, Purba Bardhaman
35 Mr. Ranadeb Saha Accounts personnel, BMCH, Purba Bardhaman